Privacy Policy

We would like to At our website we take your personal privacy very serious. This webpage will document different types of information that is gathered and collected by our website.


At,  we make use of what is called logging files. Just like every site on the Internet we use statistics to help us locate our  readers IP address, the time you visit our website, the page and entered in the page that you exhibited, and the number of times you to click on any of our links on our website. Even though this information is collected for my stats counter that is free to us, we are not able to personally identify you through any this information that is collected. In addition,  we also make use of cookies which allows us to see our Web users preferences and gives us the ability to customize and tailor information our site according to our readers interest.

We also have a third-party links at  which serve as an advertisement. Every time you click a link we use statistics to be able to tell exactly which link you clicked on and are third-party network will be able to track that is well through our identification through each link. is not able to control any cookies that are gathered after you leave our website.

If you  Would like additional information about the privacy parties of our third-party vendors then it would be important for you to check out their privacy policies as well. The  privacy policy at  does not apply to any links or outbound vendors that you visit through our website. If you would like to disable your cookies, please reference the user manual have the browser that you have installed on your computer