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Getting into debt is no fun, and trying to find a way out can be a little difficult if you do not know where to look. This is why we have set this site up. Founded in 2009, we began to show the American public the way to get out of debt and why it is so important to try to eliminate credit card debt or any unsecured debt by consolidation rather than trying to file bankruptcy as the first plan of action.

We have found that many of our clients that we have referred to our debt relief company, which has been able to reduced MILLIONS in unsecured debt each year, are a little confused as to how fast the process should take, what is required. In our search to connect our readers with the best possible debt consolidation company, we have found a fit that our readers are very happy with. They are easy to work with and will help you eliminate your credit card or any other debt even if you only have $10,000  in outstanding debt.

This is the Licensed and Bonded Company we recommend. 

Remember, there is not a reason to file bankruptcy unless you absolutely have too.



The above company is our recommend company for helping you get a grip on bad debt.  Most companies will require you to have at least $10,000.00 in bad debt in order to qualify. They are able to help you even if you owe $10.00 and above. They are licensed and bonded Certified Debt Experts.

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Debt Management Companies

Consolidation is not erasure of debt, but in many cases it gives you an advantage to negotiate down what you your credit company. Regardless if any reduction is made, it gets your credit report out of harm’s way. It also prevents your creditor from damaging your financial life any further. Debt Management Companies help to make a consumers life by taking on the stress your creditor has caused you and helping you reduce the amount of money you will pay in the long term on any debt. With average interest rates being close to 22% and higher for many credit cards, it is easy to get a plan of action that can help any consumer find freedom in the time of their highest stress.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans have been increasingly popular as we head in and out of recessive times in the US. While credit companies try to provide an answer by allowing your transfer your balances from one card to the next, it comes at a very high price many times. In many cases, an interest rate can jump from 0% on a revolving balance to a whopping 18-23% if you are just ONE day late. This type of stress is crippling and it is easy to solve with consolidation loans, even if you have bad credit!

Credit Debt

According to recent statistics, the average credit debt in America is close is around $15,000.00. The average mortgage debt is close to $150,000 and the average student loan debt is over $30,000.00. Eliminating credit card debt is not as difficult as what many make it out to be, but one does need a good company that can help them restructure their finances so they are no longer paying many creditors at one time. Credit Debt stands among the big three of debts when it comes what American families owe. There is a way out of this problem and in many cases, it does not take long to see the light at the end of the tunnel of finally getting your revolving back to where you can breathe financially. Read more about credit debt here:

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The debt problem in America has grown to be a big problem in almost every household in the United States which is why many are now looking for an online debt consolidation loan to help them repay their debts. Savings accounts have begun to dwindle because many of us are simply paying far too much for what we have borrowed. In many places, families can no longer afford to live paycheck to paycheck with no hope in sight. However, there are many legitimate corporations that offer an online debt consolidation loan for bad credit that can help take off the extra stress that comes with having too much debt.

Many families get onto the debt trap and creditors easily take advantage of this by charging more interest on top of interest plus adding more and more late fees. This can easily create a financial disaster. Because a lot of American families have multiple creditors, it is easy for interest to steal quite a bit of money from them.

The main benefit an American family gets for this type of loan is that it does not take very much time to get approved and all paperwork can be filled out on one website.

Here is the company that we recommend to help you pay off your debts.

Having and dealing with multiple creditor’s is a real hassle, especially when you may get two or three of these phone calls in a single month. Because of the recent FTC regulations, finding a reputable company that is helping the American public reduce debt is very easy to find. In fact, as mentioned many American families are facing a financial crisis and they are no longer able to deal with it and rather than compromising their credit scoring even more, a consolidation loan is much better answer than letting a credit score fall by the wayside.

Many times, once a lump sum is paid, you can even reduce the amount of money that you owe because your creditors will negotiate with you when you have more cash. This also gives you the chance to drastically reduce the amount of money that you owe in addition to paying your debts off. In effect, this can be a win-win situation for you and your credit score.

Credit cards used to be the main culprit of bad debt in the United States, but now, the economy is much to blame. To help with this problem, legislation has begun to pass laws that allow individuals a little more leeway but still, Congress has yet to do anything about personal debt. They have only bailed out corporations that did not have the money to continue business. By bailing out companies, the United States was able to help secure more jobs than it would have if all these companies went bankrupt.

What is an online debt consolidation loan?

This type of loan works the same as what you get in person in a local bank. It is a lot more convenient for individuals when they deal with a company online than go to a bank and experience a lot of hassle.

Today, the average mortgage debt in the US is close to $150,000, the average credit card debt is close to $16,000 and the average student loan debt is close to $34,000. To add to this, America’s a whole has a 11+ trillion dollar deficit which increases 1+% each year.

An online debt consolidation loan for bad credit will help you combine the past due debts that you owe and allow you to pay them in a single monthly payment as opposed to many different payments.
Online debt consolidation loans for bad credit have the capacity to help American families get a grasp on their debts and reduce the stress and frustration in their everyday life.

Bad debt creates frustration and some families have stopped paying their debts altogether. This is not a long term solution because it can add more frustration with lowered credit ratings which takes away your power to make quick lifestyle changes when you do have extra money coming in each month. For example, if one or two bills slide, for a few months, it can damage a credit rating which can and will prevent anyone from getting extra money when they need it.

Having a lowered credit rating is difficult, and many of us have been there before. However, with the help of  online debt consolidation loans that have been devised to help you pay off your debts, there’s no reason to worry.

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A Licensed and Bonded Debt Relief Program Eases Debt Pains

February 2, 2013

Many people don’t realize the impact debt can have on their lives until it’s too late. At the time, falling a month behind on your bills might not seem so bad but one month, turns into two, and then two months turns into many. Every month that goes by, the burden of your debt continues to grow as interest and fees begin to pile up, driving you deeper and deeper into a financial hole. What seemed like a little problem can then feel like the biggest burden in your life. You may feel like bankruptcy is your only option (it certainly isn’t) and you may feel like there’s nobody that can help you. This is when turning to a licensed and bonded debt relief program can be your best option. Here is our recommended Debt Relief Company, they have reduced millions in bad debt! In fact, America is so in debt that many are having hard time understanding how they are going to get out of debt. This led many Americans to look for different types of debt consolidation programs that can help them get out of the debt trap that they have gotten themselves into. In fact there are many different ways that Americans can get into debt. You to get out. Often times, the process is very laborious and it can end up robbing you of a lot of joy because you to cut back on spending that you might have grown accustomed to. This is why debt relief programs have become so popular, because they give Americans the chance to be able to breed wall date or on the right road to debt that does not end in bankruptcy. Their are many dangers to getting caught up in overwhelming debt. Your debt lowers your credit score and limits how likely future creditors are going to offer you any type of loans. You won’t be able to get a new credit card, you might not be able to open a checking account. You may even miss a job opportunity after a potential employer checks your credit report and deems you a risky person to hire based on your financial problems. You’ll also be subjected to all the harassing calls and mailings from collection agencies, and if you’ve ever received a call from a collector you know these are not fun. So, if you’ve found yourself facing these debt challenges what can you do? Yes, you can file bankruptcy, but there is a far better way to get yourself out of this pit and back on track, and that’s through the assistance of a licensed & bonded debt relief program. Filing bankruptcy will put a black mark on your credit report for 10 years or more. Any creditor reviewing your credit report after you’ve filed bankruptcy will see it and most likely you will be denied credit or receive very high rates. You definitely do not want a bankruptcy on your record. Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy you will lose all your credit cards too. […]

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March 30, 2012

The use of credit card debt has become more prevalent especially since the global economic recession. Many people have found themselves in credit card debt that threatens to make them file for bankruptcy. Using a professional debt relief company to get credit card debt relief is an easy way of ensuring that you come up with a way to pay off your debt. A professional debt relief company is a financial company that will come up with a plan to help you pay off your credit card debt. These programs are known as debt settlement or debt management programs. These kinds of programs are ideal for people that are experiencing financial hardships and are unable to make the credit card payments and face bankruptcy. Professional debt relief companies make the process easier because they are experienced in the negotiations and will get a good deal for you to enable you to get debt relief. REAL Credit Card Debt Relief   How does this process work? The company requires the debtor to sign limited power of attorney over to the company. This is to enable the financial expert or debt adviser to negotiate with the credit card company on your behalf on a debt relief program. You then save up a certain amount with the debt relief company so as to be able to come up with a lump sum which is used to make a settlement offer to initiate negotiations so that you can pay a reduced amount on your total debt amount which will enable you to acquire credit card debt relief. This lump sum is referred to as a settlement amount. Remember, there is NO reason to stay in debt, ever! The credit card company and the professional debt relief company will agree on a settlement amount and the debt relief company will typically negotiate for a reduced amount in the payoff so that you save anything between 25 percent and 50 percent from the total amount due. Your account is then settled. Then you begin saving again and depositing money into your settlement account so as to save enough to make the next settlement. You continue making the settlement payments until you finally get credit card debt relief when you finish paying off the debt. What Are the Benefits of Using Professional Credit Card Debt Relief Company? The benefits of using a professional debt relief company to get credit card debt relief are numerous. A professional debt relief company will help you come up with a realistic amount to save and put in your settlement account. This figure will take into consideration the amount you owe, your income and your expenses budget. Because of their experience in dealing with the creditors, you are able to get a figure that works for you as well as the creditor and one that will work towards getting credit card debt relief faster. The company will also advise you what will best work for your debt situation; a lump sum or […]

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Debt Relief Programs

March 22, 2012

The process of choosing any of the debt relief programs to eliminate the burden of debt is a wise decision. Rather than drudging in debt over a long period of time, you need to offload the burden as fast and as easy as possible. The are a number of debt reduction programs that can assist you in becoming debt free without much stress. The most common debt relief programs include; debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management, DIY settlement plan and finally bankruptcy. Each of the mentioned programs has its benefits and can be modified to suit specific individual circumstances. The advantages of debt consolidation programs involves the relief company negotiating on your behalf to attain better interest rates on the amount accrued while making one only monthly payment for the entire debt balance. The negotiation ability of the debt reduction firms has the benefits of attaining lower interest rates and monthly repayments, reduced or fully waived default charges, single monthly debt repayments and shields you from the constant harassment by the creditors. These programs have two subsets that are; credit card consolidation where multiple credit card debt is consolidated into one, and the bill consolidation where the unpaid bills for utilities can be cleared using credit cards and other accounts that will be later settled. The second debt relief program is debt settlement. In this case the the debt relief company negotiates with the creditor to reduce you debt similarly to the credit card consolidation where you are allowed to make minimal monthly repayments. The advantages of this programs includes; agreement to be making single monthly installments, waived or reduced default charge in addition to the over limit penalties, elimination of legal confrontation and attachment of your incomes, protection from creditors’ harassment and elimination of being declared bankrupt. Never file for bankrutpcy! Here is the company we recommend! Debt Relief Programs The third program in debt relief is debt management where the person enrolls a credit counseling firm to analyze the debt situation and negotiate with the creditor on the person’s behalf. This assists in allowing the person to pay the accrued debts conveniently by making the monthly repayments to the credit counselor rather than the creditors themselves. The credit counselor then distributes the payments among the creditors evenly, or according to the agreed percentages. This program has benefits such as lowered interest rates, lower monthly installments, waived default charges or other related fees, and the creditors are prevented from harassing you. This is what a lot of consumers are going through and they are just fed up with having to deal with rude creditors who harass them on a constant basis. There is a real way for your pay your debts and rather than having to file bankruptcy and even have your credit score plummet, privates companies are here to help you get a grasp on your debt so it doesn’t take you under. Remember, there is hope and it is by professionals who have helped consumers like your reduce their […]

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How To Get Out Of Credit Debt

March 22, 2012

Most people who are trying to get rid of credit debt will admit that it can almost seem impossible. The average family will have almost $8000 in debt and this can be a huge problem for those that simply cannot pay this off. The problem that most people have is that their spending habits just do not go well with their credit debt and so this causes a lot of financial problems. Tips For Paying Down Credit Debt • Pay With Cash When you pay with cash, you will definitely feel like you are “losing” the money and so this can often stop you from making unwanted purchases. However, when you pay with a credit card, you will be simply swiping the card and this can lead to a lot spending without ever thinking about it. Studies have shown that people will spend 47% more when they are using credit instead of cash. This is money that you can save for other things that can be more important to you. If you need to use a card, it is highly recommended that you use a debit card as this will be good as cash. Paying with cash or a debit card will always have you realizing that there is a limit and that you will need to stay under that limit. This is the company we recommend, they have helped reduce millions in debt. • Avoid Secured Debt Try your best to not consolidate with a home equity loan or line, even though it might be very tempting. The rates will often be lower and the interest rate can be intriguing because it is tax deductible but these home equity loans are secured debt. This means that if you do not pay off the unsecured loan, like credit credit debt, then you will end up having a bad credit rating. • Consult A Debt Relief Company- This is who we recommend. Debt settlement is actually a program that will help a person get rid of a percentage of the amount that they previously owed. Consolidation will help to group debt into one easy payment. The consumer will then set up a newer monthly minimum which will then accumulate in a private trust account. Once the amount is reached, the balances are then settled and the money can then be withdrawn by the consumer if they request to cancel. Finding a good credit relief company can be tough but there are plenty to choose from and you should just take your time with the search as you do not want to work with a bad company. Your personal finance will be based on 80% behavior. This means that it is all about your habits and the things that you spend on. If you continuously spend money on things that you do not need without ever thinking about it, you can certainly expect to have credit debt. You need to understand that you will never get rich with credit cards and that you must […]

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March 18, 2012

If there is one thing a person struggling with debt would want to do it is take on even more debt. It can however be the lifeline that helps one in such a situation stop creditors from swarming all around and to start making consistent repayments that will see them become debt free at the end. There is a solution in form of lenders whotake on debt and pay if off on behalf of clients. This is called bad debt consolidation. It is one of the best options one can decide on in order to pay off credit debt. People who are debt and unable to pay them to the effect that it shows up on their credit rating cannot access debt in future. The situation may be such that one cannot raise any money at all to pay off a one debtor, two or more. Things got get so bad to the point that one may be forced into filing for bankruptcy. Some debt consolidation companies pay off the whole amount owed to a debtor or debtors in one lump sum. Others set up a standing order with a bank such that payments are made towards clearing the loan every month. Creditors thus have the assurance that the debt will be paid off and by when. Never file Bankruptcy- There is Help and Hope. As one has their debts paid off on their behalf, the client will be making payments to pay off the consolation loan. companies handle the loan in a different manner.Some will deduct the amount agreed on with the client every month.Others first pay off all the debts and then start getting repayments from the client after a grace period of a month or two. Keep in mind that this too is a form of a loan and one will pay it back with interest.  Debt now has to be strategically paid in order to reduce it. Just letting your creditors have a hayday with your situation is a way to a bad credit score and even more debt! It may be that one needs to get such a in the shortest time possible to ward off creditors. In the technology age of today, it is possible to get loan approval online and the funds disbursed in as little as 24 hours. Quotes that detail how much money can be loaned, rates of interest, repayment period and other details are all given online. A response is given within hours as the lender has to do some background checks. American’s can have tried pay off their credit cards, but many have failed. Why? Things can look very grim when creditors are swarming around. This kind of loan when others would not consider lending one any moneycan get a person out of a situation where they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is one option that thousands have used to pay off credit debt while having money to tide them over until their debt […]

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